Demodara railway station is situated between Ella and Uduwara railway stations and about 277 km away from Colombo. Its a small station with only one platform well known among local and foreign tourists for its civil engineering masterpiece known as Demodara Loop.

When the rail track was constructed to Badulla, Engineers and Surveyors found that connecting the rail track with the other end was impossible because of the high elevation which is way much higher than the maximum slope allowed in the CGR (Railway department). According to legend, inspiration for the railway loop occurred to a engineer by seeing one of the local supervisor undo his turban and retie it around his head. Loop start from the station and go around in a spiral track and underneath the station through a tunnel.

Best place to view the entire loop and how it works is the Uduweriya tea factory. They have build a small view point in front of the tea factory for the visitors.

Small station with only one platform.

Train passing black bridge which is located on Badulla side to the Demodara station.

Full view of the railway look from Uduweriya tea estate.

Entrance to the tunnel which goes underneath the Demodara station.

Another view of black bridge.